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An aquaculturist requires a wide variety of knowledge and practical skills. Knowledge includes basic science and math concepts. But the value of practical skills cannot be overemphasized! Skills in the field of aquaculture range from husbandry methods to laboratory techniques. Kentucky State University seeks to provide students with opportunities to improve their aquaculture knowledge and skill sets.

Use this page to learn more about aquaculture and Kentucky State University's available programs.

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Discover the Exciting World of Aquaculture

K-12 Summer Programs

Not everyone wants to spend the summer learning. But for those K-12 students that take advantage of their opportunities, Kentucky State University host several summer programs.

Aquaculture in Action

Coming in Aug 2017!
Learn more about aquaculture with videos and hands-on activities you can do at home.

Kentucky Native Fishes Gallery

Learn more about the many fishes living in Kentucky's waters. There are over 50 species in this gallery, which is arranged by family. Species in the same family have shared characteristics.

Sign Your School Up

Coming in Aug 2017!
Students with interests in aquaculture get noticed! Sign your K-12 school up on our interactive map and see other schools in your area.

Production Resources

This featured service provides aquatic organisms to stock in educational aquaculture systems. Educators using this service must teach in Kentucky and are required to submit weekly water quality records. Aquacrops are free of charge but supplies are limited!