The Free Fish Giveaway Program

This service provides aquatic organisms to stock in educational aquaculture systems. Educators using this service must teach in Kentucky and are required to submit weekly water quality records.

In previous years, educators had a choice between several aquatic species (Nile Tilapia, koi and Australian Red-claw crayfish). Each year is different and educators should contact us about available species for 2011-2012. Delivery may also be provided.

To particiapte in the Free Fish Giveaway Program, use the Educator Contact Form. Be sure to include detailed information about your aquauclture system and your teaching knowledge of aquaculture. Supplies are limited and the service is on a first come, first served basis.

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Service Groups & Fees
This service is available to Kentucky's K-12 Educators. For fee information, please see the Outreach Services Page or Educator Contact Form.

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